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Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms

A wide variety of businesses, industries, medical facilities and institutions require ultra clean environments for research and development as well as production of specialty products and equipment. These facilities demand high filtration and positive pressures inside the clean room space to control the process and limit potential contamination. Other requirements typically include variable air volume, high efficient air moving equipment, low noise and ultra-low vibration levels from the mechanical equipment. Twin City Fan Azen has a number of products that meet these demanding requirements including our EPQN and MPQN Plenum Fans, high efficient QSL and TCVX Inline Fans, AMCA 260 rated TVIFE High Dilution Fume Exhaust Fans and OEM air handling fans such as our BAE DWDI and EPLFN Plenum Fan. These fans often require special features such as special motors, special materials of construction, variable frequency drives, insulated bearings and special protective coatings.

Clean room applications for which TCF Azen has provided equipment include:

Microchip Fabrication
Clean Room Recirculation Units
Chemical & Heat Treatment
Plating Areas
Fume and Odor Control
High Velocity / Dilution Fume Exhaust

Health Care Facilities
Hospital Operating Rooms and Suites
Containment Areas

Schools and Universities
Specialty Research Areas
Laboratory Clean Rooms
Animal Research

Pharmaceutical Companies
Production Areas
R&D Labs
Animal Research Areas