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General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities require a large amount of ventilation to maintain a healthy work environment for the people working within the buildings. Twin City Fan Azen designs and builds fans to control and handle the exhaust, supply, and make-up air requirements for all types of manufacturing environments and spaces. The exhaust of welding and other noxious fumes and dusts, as well as the exhaust of hot air produced from ovens and other high temperature processes, are essential to providing safe and comfortable working conditions. In many cases, the building heating, cooling and air conditioning (HVAC) requirements are also critical for proper production control and working conditions.

Twin City Fan Azen supplies many different types of fans for General Manufacturing applications such as:

Dust Control
Grinding Area Collectors
Dust Collection Systems
Cyclone Collectors

Fume Exhaust
Paint Booth Exhaust
Battery and Chemical Storage
Process Odor Control
Foundry and Welding Fume Exhaust

General Ventilation
Air Make-up Systems
Fresh Air Supply
Gravity Relief
Custom / Semi-Custom Air Handling Systems

Production and Packaging
Material Handling
Conveying Systems
Vacuum Systems
Dust Mitigation