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Centrifugal fans are designed for general HVAC and industrial applications where large volumes of clean air are required at low to moderate pressures. With backward inclined, backward curved, backward inclined airfoil and forward curved impeller types, centrifugal fans offer the flexibility to match the performance and application at the highest efficiency. Most models are available in single-wide or double-wide configurations, which allow for even higher volumes of air.

Our products play a key role in the wide array of processes and general ventilation for the automotive industry including:

Paint Finishing Systems
Air Supply & Filter Houses (OEM & Field Build-Up
Spray Booth Exhaust
Enclosures & Decks, Manual Booth & Tack Off Booth
Baking Ovens/Heater Boxes
Heated Flash
Forced Air Coolers
Phosphate & ELPO (Electrodeposition primer)
RTO for Abatement Systems

Engine Manufacturing and Foundries
Dust Collection
Welding, Fume & Smoke Removal
Pollution Control
Furnace and Oven Recirculation
Cupola Exhaust

General HVAC for Plant Ventilation & Human Comfort
Rooftop Exhaust
Sidewall Exhaust and Supply
Emergency Smoke Control Systems
Energy Recovery
Air Make-Up & OEM AHUs
Office and R&D Facilities

Service and Repair Facilities
General HVAC
Vehicle Exhaust Systems