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I&M Manuals

I&M Manuals

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Product Specific
Centrifugal Fans
Centrifugal Fans – IM-995

Axial Fans
Tubeaxial, Vaneaxial & Duct Fans – ES-191: [English] [Spanish]
Axial Roof Ventilators and Tubeaxial Fans – IM-4000

Inline Centrifugal and Mixed Flow Fans
Inline Centrifugal and Mixed Flow Fans – IM-895
Square Inline Centrifugal Fans – IM-4205: [English] [French]

Plug and Plenum Fans
Compact Plenum Fans, ECLFN / ECLQN – IM-456
Modular Plenum Fans, MPLFN / MPLFS / MPLQN / MPLQS – IM-495
Modular Plenum Fans, MPQN / MPQS – ES-110

Centrifugal Roof and Wall Exhausters
Centrifugal Roof & Wall Exhausters – IM-4050: [English] [French]
Backward Inclined Hinged Restaurant Exhaust Fan, BHRE – IM-610

Filtered Supply Fans
Centrifugal Filtered Supply Fans, BCFS – IM-4300
Belt Driven Centrifugal Filtered Supply Fans, BCRFS – IM-4310

Gravity Relief Ventilators
Gravity Relief / Intake Ventilators – IM-4700
Modular Gravity Hood, MGR / MGI – IM-4720NFL
Modular Gravity Hood, MGR / MGI – IM-4720NFS
Modular Gravity Hood, MGI with Filters – IM-4720FSL
Modular Gravity Hood, MGI with Filters – IM-4720FSS

Ceiling and Cabinet Ventilators
Forward Curved Inline Duct Blowers, DBS / DBT – IM-4220
Ceiling / Wall-Mount Ventilators – T Series: [English] [Spanish]
Inline / Cabinet Ventilators – TL Series: [English] [Spanish]

Wall Mounted Fans
Panel Fans & Power Roof Ventilators – ES-200
Wall Mounted Fans, TCPE / WPB / WPD – IM-4800

Roof Ventilators
Hooded Tubeaxial Roof Ventilators (Non-Filtered) – IM-4850NF
Hooded Tubeaxial Roof Ventilators (Filtered Supply) – IM-4850FS
Hooded Low Profile & Tubeaxial Roof Ventilators – IM-4860
Hooded Roof Ventilators (Non-Filtered) – IM-4860NF
Hooded Roof Ventilators (Filtered Supply) – IM-4860FS
Upblast Roof Ventilators – IM-4870

Laboratory & Fume Exhaust Fans
Centrifugal Fume Exhaust Fans – IM-390
Inline Fume Exhaust Fans – IM-1080

Fiberglass Fans
Heavy Duty Composite Fiber Fans – IM-410
Fiberglass Centrifugal Fans – IM-1900
Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) Fans – IM-1925
General Instructions (Fiberglass Ventilators) – IM-3000
Fiberglass Wall Mount Ventilators, HA / HAB – IM-3100

Air Kits
Air Kit Fans – IM-56

General Topics
Installation Checklist
Fans With CE Mark – IM-2-06:
[English] [French] [German] [Italian] [Polish] [Romanian] [Russian] [Spanish]
ATEX Fans – IM-3-09: [English]  [German]
SWSI Nested Inlet Vanes – ES-394
Type ‘E’ Adjustable Pitch Impeller – ES-404
Aero Acoustic Diffuser™ – ES-409
DWDI Nested Inlet Vanes – ES-494
Inlet Vane Torque Requirements – ES-495
External Inlet Vanes – ES-594
TSL; Nested Inlet Vanes – ES-694
Airflow Measuring System Using Piezometer Ring – IM-105
Electronically Commutated Motors – IM-4055
Hurricane Resistant Enclosure – IM-4110
GridPoint Operation Manual: [English] [French]