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Fan Engineering Topics & White Papers

Fan Engineering Topics & White Papers

General Fan Topics
Sealing of Fan Housings – FE-700
Field Testing of Fans – FE-900
Temperature and Altitude Effects on Fans – FE-1600   English  Metric
Understanding Fan Curves – FE-2000
Fan Performance Characteristics of Axial Fans – FE-2300
Fan Performance Characteristics of Centrifugal Fans – FE-2400
Direct Drive Fan Selection – FE-2700
Pressure Losses from Fan Accessories – FE-2900
Turning Gear and Component Selection Guidelines – FE-3600
Fan Arrangements Rotation Discharge and Motor Position – FE-3900
Fan Array Systems White Paper
TVIFE Lab Exhaust White Paper
VFDs For Fans (A Practical Guide) White Paper

Sound and Vibration
Fan and Fan System Vibration – FE-200
Fan Sound and Sound Ratings – FE-300
Vibration Isolation of Fans – FE-1900

Integral AC Motor Selection and Application Guide for Fans – FE-800
Speed Control for Fractional HP Motors – FE-1000
Single Phase AC Induction Squirrel Cage Motors – FE-1100
Application Guide for Selecting AC Motors Capable of Overcoming Fan Inertia – FE-1800
Motor Standards for the Chemical Process Industry (Standard IEEE-841) – FE-2100
Motor Classifications – FE-3000
Motor Performance Characteristics and Application Guidelines – FE-3100

Drives and Bearings
Fan Bearing Selection – FE-1200
V-Belt Drive Selection for Fans – FE-1400
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Induced AC Motor Shaft Current and Bearing Damage – FE-4000

Safety / Listings
Spark Resistant Fan Construction – FE-2200
Safety Agency Listing – FE-2500
NFPA-96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations – FE-3400

Maintenance / Troubleshooting
Fan Performance Troubleshooting Guide – FE-100
How to Avoid Problems With Your Fan – FE-500
Surge, Stall and Instabilities in Fans – FE-600
Fan Bearing Maintenance and Troubleshooting – FE-1300

Additional Topics
Signs You Need Make-Up Air and Air Make-Up Operating Costs – FE-1500
Density Corrections for Moist Air and Other Gases – FE-1700
Fan Damper Selection – FE-2600
Axial Fan Connections – FE-2800
High Temperature Fans – FE-3200
The Use of Fans in Pneumatic Conveying – FE-3300
Plenum Fan Application Guidelines – FE-3500
Improvements in Fan Performance Rating Methods for Air and Sound – FE-3700
Topics in Acoustics – FE-3800